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What is fishing? How many definitions of this amazing and mysterious process exist! Someone considers fishing an excuse to meet and have a drink with friends or colleagues, someone says that this is the easiest activity for idlers – “throw and drag”, and winter fishing is called “drinking in felt boots” at all

But true fishermen know for sure that fishing is not just a hobby, or a job, or an entertainment activity. Fishing is a powerful antidepressant! At the same time, fishing is the most effective antidepressant that is suitable for any age, has no restrictions and contraindications! Fishing is able to unite people completely different in character, political and religious views, hobbies, status and opportunities. Fishing is an opportunity to get away from all the pressing problems, from the hustle and bustle of a big or small city, and finally forget about work. The thought of the upcoming fishing trip is always a foretaste of happiness, lightness and freedom. And people who are familiar with THIS feeling of “easy happiness” know that fishing is not just another life, IT is another dimension that you get into as a child with the cry “DADDY, I CAUGHT IT” and keep it in your soul for life… And if you, our dear visitor, are with us in this mysterious dimension called “FISHING”, you know for sure that Fishing is Cool!

In addition, fishing is also about victories and defeats, an endless process of achieving goals and unexpected but pleasant surprise catches. High–quality fishing gear is the key to the success of every fishing trip. Therefore, the choice of the necessary gear should be approached responsibly. Choose the best fishing gear from us, in the fishing online store

Description of suitcases and organizers from the store

Fishing accessories are very diverse in their appearance, purpose, characteristics. They are united only by the requirements for compliance with the established storage rules. A properly selected case or tackle organizer helps to solve this problem. For a fisherman, this accessory is a serious assistant, it allows you to always have the necessary nozzles and other necessary accessories at hand. Suitcases are quite rare. This is usually the name of cases that open in half. Each compartment has hard or soft clips for accessories. This design is not very roomy, but the hard trunk provides reliable protection of the contents from damage during transportation. In addition, the suitcase can be easily put in the luggage compartment of the car. Organizers for fishing are much more functional. They are available in the form of combined structures with a soft PVC or canvas cover, have many external additional pockets and internal compartments. In many cases, there is a rigid frame inside the bag, which allows you to use the product for sitting as a chair. The base of this product can be light aluminum or durable steel, there are also foam options that allow you to maintain a set temperature of bait stored in ice for a long time. When choosing an organizer, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the sewing of the cover, as well as to the reliability of the accessories. It is better to choose models with tight zippers, Velcro flaps.

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